White Fillings – A Natural Look

Do you have a cavity that needs filling? Getting a cavity filled involves making the decision of what kind of filling you'd like. There’s a variety of fillings available to choose from. These include: amalgam fillings, silver fillings, silver amalgam (made of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and zinc), resin fillings, gold fillings, composite fillings, silver colored fillings, composite resins, and tooth colored fillings. The white filling option is a great one for those who want their fillings to remain discreet. If you'd like your dental fillings to blend into your teeth and give them a natural look, the white fillings offered at Dr. Garcia’s office might be a good option for you.

More About White Fillings and How They Can Help

White Fillings are made from an enamel-like product. The compromised areas of the tooth, such as decay are removed from the tooth surface. The clean tooth is carefully prepared for the bonding and placement of the white filling. When the white filling is completed, the results are natural looking and function just like your other teeth. Fillings like these can contribute to maintaining healthy tooth structure and can keep your oral health in good shape. Choosing your filling material is important and can contribute positively to your dental care both in the short term and in the long term.

How Am I Going to Pay For My Dental Fillings?

The vast majority of dental insurance companies will cover the price of a white dental filling. Insurance plans cover basic dental needs, like fillings, because they are important and can help prevent further tooth decay and dental discomfort or pain.

Would you like to Know More About Filling Options?

If you'd like to know more about dental filling options available at Dr. Margaret C. Garcia's dental office, please give us a call to learn about which filling choices we offer and make an appointment so we can determine which would be best for you.